Huge catalog of maps for Minecraft Bedrock. Parkour, castles, cities, SkyWars, SkyBlock and many other genres. Several hundred options.

Fantasy Village

Fantasy Village is a map made up of several houses and created from scratch in creative mode. It consists of 4 main houses each with a function (Forge, Wood Warehouse, Food Warehouse and the mill to store everything we want). On the other hand we have two small identical houses to be able to have a private and quiet place. Finally we find the hobbit house, with Lord of the Rings style details.If we look at the sky we will see 3 ships flying over the town of medieval and Scy-fi style. 


This is a game of both skill and luck since you are not able to see your opponent’s ships. 
Like the classic game you may have played in real life you can see when you miss or hit a ship but only when you have picked a location to attack.  

Futuristic House Mountain

Futuristic House Mountain is a map created from scratch, where we place a modern and futuristic house among the mountains. Its function is to act as a reservoir to redirect the water towards the cultivation areas and as a limiter of the needs of each player.

Minecraft Small Green Island Map

This is an island map. This island is small. This island has different types of houses and trees. Besides, there is a beautiful ship here. Glass is used to make this island look like water. This map is for Pocket Edition and Bedrock Edition. In addition to version 1.19 will support different versions. Moreover, this map will support all new versions. Such as: 1.20 and others. This map is only available on MCPE ML and MCPE DL websites.

Minecraft NASA Solar System Map

This is a creative map of Minecraft game. This map is about the solar system. You will see many planets and space craft aircraft on this map. Moreover, you will see NASA office, location tower, lab. All this together is the solar system map.

Weston City v0.1

Do you want a city with realistic builds and many places to explore and maybe play around with some roleplay? Many structures are furnished, there are awesome roads and this is only the beginning of a big city 😀