Conflictic Honor

By GabrielCape
Conflictic Honor addon provides a variety of mobs with the aim of bringing a new experience and perspective to the Minecraft Bedrock game with unique battles, great animations, effects, and sounds.



This update brings us the Soulless Knight, a knight who swore to serve his king. Even after death, not even someone so powerful was expected that something as insignificant as words could have such power. His wish became a curse consuming his soul and corrupting it, even as an undead what was left of humanity was overshadowed by the desire to protect what was left of the castle and his most beloved king even if he was no longer in this world.

Its structure is generated only one per world, it is always found in the coordinates X: 100, Z: 100, being that the height varies depending on the generation of the terrain, it can also be generated in the underground.

Towers can be spawned with custom chests that contain resources to help you fight the Soulless Knight, these towers are spawned diagonally from the main tower where the Soulless Knight is, due to world spawn limitations, you must move closer to the position of the tower to be generated.



Broken and weathered sword, soaked in the blood of his enemies, a sword that has severed countless heads and is imbued with the power of a corrupted soul. Using this power drains the vitality of those with a pure soul.

Basic Attacks: When attacking, custom attacks are normally made with the sword which cause great damage and damage in an area attacking several enemies at the same time, the attacks are slow so you must be careful.

Charge Attacks: When interacting with the sword (interaction button or holding the screen on touch devices) an attack is made that uses the power of the dark soul to charge a powerful lunge attack that causes great damage, the longer this attack is charged, the more damage will cause, be careful as dark power drains vitality from those with a pure soul.

Jump Attack: Pressing the jump button twice consecutively in survival or adventure mode performs an attack in which he makes a great jump and then falls and does great damage in the area, this attack can be combined with the charged attack using the interaction button or by pressing and holding the screen on touch devices.


Used and worn chestplate, power and blood lie stained on it, a token of the countless battles its previous owner took part in.

This chestplate is unbreakable and protects 10 points of armor, because its have been corrupted, its enchantability is not very good.


Small Stonebricks

Similar to stone bricks but its bricks are smaller, they are obtained in the stone cutter by cutting stonebricks


Small stonebricks stairs:

Gotic Glass

Dark crystal that casts a shadow on the face covered by a block which gives it a darker feeling, a crystal that witnessed a bloody battle.


Curved Gotic glass


Large Stone Plinth

A structural and decorative block that uses deepslate and stone as an ingredient to achieve greater resistance to structural loads.


Stone Pilar Block

Structural and decorative stone that, depending on the placement, can act as a column or as a beam.


Stone Pilar

Vertical structural pillar of smaller dimension, this pillar also acts as a decoration, placing a support if a pillar of the same type is not detected above or below.


Torch Holder:

Torch holder that can also be used as a decorative medium


Stone Plinth

Decorative piece that reinforces the union between the wall and the floor made from the large stone plinth


Double stone plinth used for corners.

Stone Decoration1

Carved stone decoration generally used on walls.


Double sculptured stone decoration used for corners.

Stone Fence

Decorative stone wall


Stone Decoration2

Stone decoration made from the large stone plinth


Stone Chest

This heavy chest is merely decorative, it is difficult to open it a bit, you have to open it many times to open it completely


Frequent questions

  • Is the addon compatible? Yes, this addon does not use player.json so it is compatible with any other addon.
  • Does this addon use experimental mode? Yes, it is recommended to have all experimental options enabled except for Gametest Framework and Spectator Mode.
  • Does this addon have performance issues? The game in general has performance issues, however, it is planned in a future update to include a low detail mode by reducing effects, models and more, to reduce these performance issues.


Gabriel Cape’s Youtube Channel

If you have any problem with the addon, contact me through my Discord Server, this way you can report bugs and see the progress of this addon.

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How to install Conflictic Honor Addon

  • Installing the Conflictic Honor Addon (.mcpack):
  • Download the mod files marked .mpack from the links below.
  • Just open the files and the game will automatically install everything you need.
  • Launch Minecraft and go to edit the world.
  • Select Texture Sets.
  • Find the texture pack and activate it.
  • Select Presets.
  • Find the extension and activate it.
  • The mod is installed, enjoy the game!
  • Latest version: v3 Compatibility: Android / IOS / Windows 10 / Xbox One
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