Mob Vote 2022: All Mobs

On October 6, the developers revealed the third and final mob for Mob Vote 2022, the Tuff Golem. Recall that out of three mobs, only one will get into the game by voting.

  • Sniffer
  • original name: Sniffer.
  • Hatches from an egg that spawns in the waters of the Overworld.
  • It sniffs the territory with its huge nose.
  • Looking for seeds of ancient plants.
  • Along with the Sniffer, new ornamental plants will appear.
  • Plants are just decoration. Developers will not add new crops and food.
  • Scoundrel
  • original name: Rascal.
  • He hides in mines and likes to play hide and seek.
  • Gives clues to players who want to find it.
  • Find it 3 times, the Scoundrel will reward you with a mining item.
  • Tuff Golem
  • Original Title: Tuff Golem
  • The player builds it himself.
  • The Golem Cloak depends on the type of wool block in the construction.
  • The tuff golem wanders around looking for items.
  • It can be in two states: Statue and Animated.

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