Morphing Bracelet

Have you been wondering how to be a mob just like the zombie or creeper? Well now, you can be a mob now using this addon. This addon adds an item called morphing bracelet that can make you morph into mobs like pigs or cows.

How To Morph

To morph into any other mobs, you need an item called Morphing Bracelet. To craft this item, you need 4 Soul Soils and 1 Souls in a Glass and place them like how they are placed on the image below:

To be able to morph into a mob you want, you need to have the bracelet in your inventory and kill a mob and then use your morphing bracelet and pick the mob you just killed to morph as them.

Souls in a Glass

To be able to obtain this item, you have to smelt soul sand in a furnace. This item isn’t only used for crafting the bracelet, you can also use this as a weapon for other players. You can throw this item and hit other entities and it will give them blindness for 10 seconds.

Information about some mobs (not all mobs):


  • Have 7 hearts
  • Can breathe underwater
  • Have 5 different color variants
  • Swims faster than a normal player
  • Drowned, Guardian and Elder Guardian attacks you
  • Will drown in the air in 5 minutes
  • Have baby variant
  • You can mine faster underwater

Baby Variant

  • Smaller than the adult variant and have a smaller hitbox
  • You can grow into an adult
  • cuter.


  • Have 3 hearts
  • Can go through 1 block holes
  • Monsters don’t attack you unlike when you are a player
  • You can fly just like in Creative Mode (You need to turn the Education Edition on)


  • Have 5 hearts
  • Can go through half block space like slabs
  • Ability to fly in survival
  • Can sting and poison the mob they hit
  • Collects pollen by sneaking inside a flower for 20 seconds and can pollinate crops by going over them
  • Can store pollen by interacting a bee hive or bee nest to increase its honey level
  • Dies randomly when not having the stinger anymore

Baby Variant

  • Smaller compared to an adult variant
  • Have smaller hitbox
  • You can grow into an adult


  • Have 10 hearts like players
  • You can fly just like in Creative Mode (You need to turn the Education Edition on)
  • You get a special item that can shoot fireballs!
  • Can get hurt in water and rain
  • Have more damage when you get shot by snowballs
  • Doesn’t burn in lava or fire
  • Falls slow and doesn’t have fall damage
  • Monsters don’t attack you but Iron Golems and Snow Golems do


  • Have 5 hearts
  • Have many breed variants
  • Can scare creepers and phantoms away
  • Immune to fall damage
  • Have tamed variant
  • You can sit by sneaking
  • Have baby variant

Baby Variant

  • Can go through half-block holes like slabs
  • Have smaller hitbox
  • You can grow into an adult

Tamed Variant

  • They have collars on their neck just like the tamed mobs
  • Other players can dye your collar

Breed Variants

  • Have 11 types of breeds of cats that you can morph
  • Each breed have a baby and tamed variants

Cave Spider

  • Have 6 hearts
  • Smaller compared to a normal spider
  • Have an attack damage of 1 heart
  • Can inflict poison to the mobs it hit
  • Monsters don’t attack you
  • Can climb walls (Broken on Mobile)
  • Their eyes glow in the dark
  • Iron Golems and Snow Golems attack you
  • Immune to poison
  • Can go through half-block holes like slabs

How to install Morphing Bracelet (Addon)

  • Installing the mod on Morphing Bracelet (.mcpack):
  • Download the mod files marked .mpack from the links below.
  • Just open the files and the game will automatically install everything you need.
  • Launch Minecraft and go to edit the world.
  • Select Texture Sets.
  • Find the texture pack and activate it.
  • Select Presets.
  • Find the extension and activate it.
  • The mod is installed, enjoy the game!
  • Latest version: v3 Compatibility: Android / IOS / Windows 10 / Xbox One
6th Century is a Mod created by Kyuu Desperation to recreate a Classified File from the Britainnia Government of the 7th World. Such information for him to access is unknown, but Yu stated that he uses Anticipation, and his Dreams (which is weird) to find pieces and clues for the Classified Information. 6th Century is a Series where a long dead Sceptre named Anthony Concord was assigned by the Lordships, Virtues, and Authorities to stop an “Unexplainable” Event and Mysterious Activities in the 6th Century AD. After his descent to 7645 years to the past, he must find the source of “The Event” and stop it. Little did he know, he must continue the rest of 100 years up until the beginning of the next Century. As “The Event” was only part of “The Catastrophe”. In which 4 Realities of Fantasy, Reality, Dreams, and The Divine will Merge into Chaos.

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