Smartphone Add-on V2.2!

By Peepss

Change the weather, day, night, play music and apply effects to improve your game and have fun with your friends! An add-on made for you and your friends to have fun, maybe even troll each other!


➔ Settings

  • The settings app currently only has one function, which is to disable and enable add-on notifications.

➔ App Store

  • The App Store app is used to purchase the other apps available from the add-on using the money in the add-on. Only the Bank App is free.

➔ Store

  • The Store app is where you can buy items like food, armor, drops, and many more using the money in the add-on! The ability to buy blocks and other items is coming soon.

➔ Bank

  • The banking app is where you can get the add-on money and transfer your money to other players online. To get the add-on money, just go to the “Deposit” tab and exchange an iron ingot, gold ingto, diamond or emerald for cash.

➔ Spotcraft (Music)

  • The app is where you can play music, choose one of the songs from the playlist and enjoy! You can stop the music at any time.

➔ Day&Night (Time)

  • The Day&Night app is where you can change the time of day, changing it to night, sunset, and others.

➔ Weather

  • The weather app is where you can change the weather from sunny to cloudy and from cloudy to rainy, maybe a storm? You choose!

➔ Effects

  • The effects app is where you can get effects to help you in times of need, such as regeneration, rush, jump boost, and others…

➔ Discraft (Mesages)

  • The Discraft app is where you can message your friends where only the two of you can see them. Basically a /msg, but cool.

Notification System

➔ How it works?

  • Notifications are messages that players will receive when they receive a message or a money transfer, they only appear when the player has their cell phone in their inventory and can be turned on and off via the settings app.



Lore System

➔ Lore?

  • Yes! The lore is a short description that appears under the item’s name when you hover or press it. Like this:
  • In this case, the lore informs the smartphone owner and how much battery it has. (Don’t worry, the old lore will work, but not if the owner is “Undefined”!.)
  •  I recommend crafting another smartphone if you are in survival.


➔ Experiments?

  • Yes! For the addon to work properly, you need to enable some experiments as shown below.


➔ Ingredients

  1.  3 Iron Ingots
  2. 1 Redstone
  3. 1 Glass Panel
  4. 1 Black Dye

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How to install Smartphone Addon

  • Installing the Smartphone Addon (.mcpack):
  • Download the mod files marked .mpack from the links below.
  • Just open the files and the game will automatically install everything you need.
  • Launch Minecraft and go to edit the world.
  • Select Texture Sets.
  • Find the texture pack and activate it.
  • Select Presets.
  • Find the extension and activate it.
  • The mod is installed, enjoy the game!
  • Latest version: v3 Compatibility: Android / IOS / Windows 10 / Xbox One
6th Century is a Mod created by Kyuu Desperation to recreate a Classified File from the Britainnia Government of the 7th World. Such information for him to access is unknown, but Yu stated that he uses Anticipation, and his Dreams (which is weird) to find pieces and clues for the Classified Information. 6th Century is a Series where a long dead Sceptre named Anthony Concord was assigned by the Lordships, Virtues, and Authorities to stop an “Unexplainable” Event and Mysterious Activities in the 6th Century AD. After his descent to 7645 years to the past, he must find the source of “The Event” and stop it. Little did he know, he must continue the rest of 100 years up until the beginning of the next Century. As “The Event” was only part of “The Catastrophe”. In which 4 Realities of Fantasy, Reality, Dreams, and The Divine will Merge into Chaos.

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