Hammer Time Addon V8.5

Hi folks, this plugin is based on the Java Hammer Time mod and I have the permission of the original creator of the mod, it should also be noted that this plugin was previously called Mining Hammers but now it is called hammer Time Bedrock, totaling 10 Hammers, 10 Megas Axes and 10 Megas Hoes, of course, all based on the java mod and how much with a 2d and 3d version of the plugin

In this update of the plugin we add new useful tools for different things, the hammer is useful to chop the blocks and minerals faster since it does it in 3 × 3, the hoes serve more to cultivate faster, remove grass and leaves as well. 3 × 3 and finally there would be the axes that are used to cut large amounts of wood by just cutting 1 block of wood

Realistic trees

Realistic trees with realistic animations !! when cutting them they will be seen to fall and when they finish they will give you the wood. also coconuts that will serve as food in the desert! How to Install Realistic Tree Installing the mod on Realistic Tree (.mcpack): Download the mod files marked .mpack from the links …

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Fused’s Falling Leaves – Addon

This addon adds leaf particles which fall from trees, adding alot of ambience to your worlds. The particles also have some cool physics and animations and also interact with blocks. Except that there is a cool compatability feature when used with my shaders