minecraft 3d

Boxy Boo Jumpscare

Boxy Boo Jumpscare your friends easily without them even noticing! With a terrifying Scream & Creepy face! this pack will trick them into downloading a pack disguised as any ordinary pack, to not make them feel suspicious about you jump-scaring them! This Addon will disguise its self to trick the victim into downloading the Jumpscare addon without them feeling suspicious about you …

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This is a large uniform pack based Army Uniforms, which covers a large range of ranks. It has all been 3D Modelled and can be worn as normal Minecraft Armor.  How to install Armor

HaloCube v1.2 [Bug Fix]

HaloCube – this is one of the best addons for Minecraft PE (Bedrock). HaloCube – this is an addon set in the Helo universe.Will be added 20 types of realistic 3D Armor, more than 15 types of 3D weapons (firearm, electromagnetic and you will see even more when the addon is released). Realistic cars will be added, as well as many different additions and items

TechGuns Guns Mod

TechGuns (Armor) this add-on was created by youtuber Gordee4ka TechGuns this is an addon that adds 5 types 3d guns. different weapons shoot different types of projectiles, they can also be reloaded how to take cartridges and weapons and put them in the craft in the inventory IMPORTANT NOTICE No one is allowed to share our mediafire link to …

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World War 2

Travel back in time to the WW2 era and join either the Allies or the Axis and fight off the enemies! Our channel in Telegram How to install World War 2[Addon] Installing the World War 2 [Addon] (.mcpack): Download the mod files marked .mpack from the links below. Just open the files and the game will …

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Digal Mode

By xxX Hacker Xxx This mod was created by an unknown author who calls himself xxX Hacker Xxx in this mod there is only one weapon, as you already understood, it is a 6-round shotgun in very good quality Our channel in Telegram How to install Digal Mode Installing the Digal Mode (.mcpack): Download the mod files …

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