You can easily change the look of the Minecraft PE world with textures and shaders. Textures only slightly change the look of the content, and shaders make it as realistic as possible.

Oceanic Shader 

Oceanic Shader is a shader that enhances Minecraft’s original graphics by adding the realism and aesthetics atmosphere. This shader was created & targeted for potato device users so that it can be widely used by the community from low devices to even high end devices!

Ale Pack V1.1

Ale pack is a resource pack based on the ale shader with the purpose of making our Minecraft more beautiful, if you want to take a look at it and I assure you that you will not regret it, it is also compatible with all devices.

Fancy Shader

this is where the shader you are looking for. light, small, and doesn’t take up much space. Fancy Shader 1.7 where this shader is very light for you to use in Minecraft PE of course. and there is also an animation of waving plants!!!

Dynamic Lighting RTX

Ever wanted your items to emit coloured lighting when you hold them while using Ray Tracing? Dynamic Lighting RTX enables that feature and adds much more as well! Each item emits a different colour and brightnesss of light. This addon even adds craftable offhand torches in order to enhance your gameplay!

Re:Zero Cubemap

Just a simply Sky Cubemap from Anime Re:zero, took this image from battle scene its 4k resolution using AI Upscaler, and convert it to Minecraft cubemap just for fun, and this is my first cubemap texture i made.

BSFBE Shader

This is not quite a shader (Since version 1.18.3 in Minecraft Bedrock edition, shaders are no longer supported), but in any case, this texture pack transforms the graphics in the game well, you will definitely like it. This texture pack adds more beautiful fog, realistic sky, beautiful more transparent water, and waving grass, leaves, flowers and plants.

Skye Graphics

Skye Graphics transforms Minecraft PE to look brighter, cleaner, and more minimalistic. It is specifically designed for the Bare Bones Texture Pack, with graphics inspired by the Official Minecraft Trailers. This resource pack supports Render Dragon and MCPE versions 1.19+. 

CSRS Shader

Recently I released a shader in which some people may describe an amazing work but mojang released renderdragon which made shaders completely useless,Well this shader completely made everything possible with the help of a little imagination and hardwork.This shader is Cookie Shader Renderdragon Support or CSRS

Newb Shader v1.1.9

Credit: Of Shader By: VeteranDev [No Renderdragon support] An aesthetic shader pack for Minecraft PE. This Shader focuses on improving the existing vanilla shader to look more aesthetic and realistic without ruining the existing gameplay or sacrificing much performance. [Discontinued] [Does not work for MCPE 1.18.30 and above] MCPE 1.18.30+ and MCBE Win10/Xbox are not …

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TDPE Shaders

By TheDoubleAP TDPE Shaders is a Shader pack for Minecraft PE that aims at making the graphics of the game more realistic and beautiful. This shader improves numerous graphical aspects of the game, but if you don’t like any of the features, you can turn them off using shader settings.  This shader may not work …

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